The Eagle Has No Fear of Adversity. We Need To BE Like The Eagle And have A Fearless Spirit Of A Conqueror!

Being Intellectual And Proficient With Tasks, Eagles Will Strive For Excellence And Won't Settle For Anything Less.

All Birds Find Shelter During A Rain. But Eagle Avoid Rain By Flying Above The Clouds. Problems Are Common, But Attitude Makes The Difference.

A Downright, Pro - Active
Advertising Agency

Adclan Private Limited is an advertising, branding and design agency with a core focus on providing customized, innovative, effective marketing and branding solution to its clients. Adclan is inspired by the brilliant and fascinating leadership characteristics of an Eagle. The “A” represents the beak of an eagle with the world’s view in its eyeballs while soaring high above the wide-open skies . As a full-service full-edged, pro-active business entity,
Adclan Private Limited has everything in place, from a modern mix of Multimedia equipment and tools, to an Art Studio. Our Client Service and Media Planning Department service our prestigious clients with optimum, creative strategic and innovative advertising, marketing and communication solutions.


We are focused on our vision and mission, of scaling the pinnacle of creative success. Like an eagle, we are ready to take challenges head on and achieve creative excellence in our field by pushing our creative boundaries every single day, as we believe that challenges and difficulties will only make us stronger.

Creative Credo

We strive to look at things differently. In that difference is our success factor. We in fact, look beyond success . Everyone in our team is empowered to go beyond excellence, at any level. It is not just creativity that we aim at; it’s about being strategically creative, building personal relations with our customers, and creating awareness where there was none, informing about them about the right choices. Hence facilitating decision making process and creating an impact, motivating and ultimately helping our clients’ brands to have an edge on others in the market.

Team Adclan

Our team is a symbol of power, passion, brilliance and transcendence who does not believe in staying in its comfort zone. We experiment, and reassess until we deliver the extraordinary that you deserve. Team Adclan features a strategic mix of Creative Advertising, Account Management, Media Production, (Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Multimedia & Social Media) and Event Management Professionals. We also have access to the best of advertising production facilities, talent, vendors and suppliers meeting specific account portfolios as well as diverse client requirements.

Our Services

Press Campaigns, TV Campaigns, Radio Campaigns, Magazines & Tabloids Campaigns, Special advertisement supplements.

Above The Line

Pos (posters, banners, mobiles buntings etc). Dm shorts. Flyers. Leaflets. Product & company brouchers /profiles. Event marketing collaterals. Annual reports/special souvenirs. Consumer/sales promotions special sales promotional advertising supplements.

Below The Line

Brand packaging, brand packaging adaptation, in-store promotions, brand sales promotions.

Packaging Design

Advertising jingles for tv & radio, printing (company profiles, brouchers, direct marketing collaterals, packaging, promotional material for (all media), photography, design/fabrication of stand-alone banners, stands, stalls, pole signs, outlet window graphics, space advertising transit advertising (vehicle graphics) etc.

Production Services

Customer promotions marketing collaterals, sales promotions marketing collaterals, special booklets, special marketing campaigns, customer newsletters.

Marketing Communications

Corporate profiles, group corporate profiles, corporate image & identity building campaigns, company/staff newsletters, special publications, annual reports.

Corporate Communications

Web site design and development, Desktop applications, Web based applications, CRM, Android applications, Domain hosting.

Tech Solutions